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MTW Aerospace

Responsive Website / Content Management System / Analytics


MTW Aerospace is a stocking supplier of aircraft parts based in Montgomery, Alabama. Their inventory is very broad, ranging from corporate-level turbines to small commuter aircraft. They maintain stock by dismantling aircraft components, buying OEM surplus and maintenance depots.


The Challenge

The goal of the project was to improve the customer experience when visiting MTW's website. Their website also lacked the ability to view from multiple devices like tablets and smartphones. When I started working with them they already had a website, built sometime in the early 2000s. MTW also lacked the ability to update their own site (no CMS) - they had to send requests to a company to make all their changes - which could get expense for a small business looking to operate on a lean budget. 

The Results: New & Improved

I created a responsive website that is viewable on all devices new and old. MTW now has the ability to update and make changes to their site on their own without having to rely on a third-party to maintain it thanks to a built-in CMS. Lastly, MTW also now has the ability to check their analytics within the CMS or by smartphone via an app.